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Data’s Credibility Problem1 min read

Excelente artículo de HBR escrito por Thomas C. Redman sobre la credibilidad de los datos datos; sus implicaciones y cómo asegurar la calidad.

Cito algunas frases que me llamaron la atención:

“Studies show that knowledge workers waste up to 50% of time hunting for data, identifying and correcting errors, and seeking confirmatory sources for data they do not trust”.

“When data are unreliable, managers quickly lose faith in them and fall back on their intuition to make decisions, steer their companies, and implement strategy”.

“The quality of data is fixed at the moment of creation”.

“The solution is not better technology: It’s better communication between the creators of data and the data users; a focus on looking forward; and, above all, a shift in responsibility for data quality away from IT folks, who don’t own the business processes that create the data, and into the hands of managers, who are highly invested in getting the data right”.


Author: rodrigobaccaro

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